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Software Assurance

Software Assurance

Get a comprehensive understanding of your security landscape and be absolutely confident in your technology and infrastructure. Our software assurance team are experts in systems software, blockchain, cryptography, and more.

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Security Engineering

Security Engineering

Trail of Bits Engineering is your support team for security projects. Our experts work with you to build custom tools and remediate system vulnerabilities to keep your software secure—from development to testing and throughout continuous deployment.

Research and Development

Research & Development

We are an industry leader in high-end security research. Our team has a track record of discovering critical Internet vulnerabilities in targets hardened by dedicated security teams. When we can, we share the deep science that underpins our work for the betterment of all.

Expert Training

Expert Training Courses

Bootstrap your team's understanding of reverse engineering, program analysis, penetration testing, infrastructure security, language security, and threat modeling.



Mobile Device Security

Built by the leaders in security research at Trail of Bits, iVerify helps you keep your devices and online accounts secure from vulnerabilities.

Key Features
  • Threat detection
  • Protection guides
  • No MDM required
  • Security News
  • Team reporting
  • Security extensions
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Mobile Device Security

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Continuous Assurance

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