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We’re working on funded research projects in software security, program analysis, compiler construction, and trusted computing. We provide expert consulting services when the fit is right, and we provide in-depth and hands-on training when we feel it will make an impact.

If you’re a scientist or engineer with an interest in computer security, we should talk. We have no rigid requirements such as degrees or years of experience; some of our staff never went to college, others have graduate degrees. We’d really like to hire people with strong programming skills in C/C++, Python, JavaScript, OCaml, and people with strong reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis skills. If you have experience with systems programming, program analysis (to include dynamic binary instrumentation, symbolic execution, and abstract interpretation), reverse engineering, or application and software security assessment, please contact us.

We call New York City home, though remote work is a possibility if the fit is right (we have staff on both coasts of the United States, South America, and Canada). Our salaries are competitive, benefits are generous, and our culture is relaxed. In the past, our researchers and engineers have turned their personal projects into funded work. We’d like to do that more, so if you have your own ideas we can help you work on them.

At Trail of Bits, you will work closely with some really smart people in the security industry. We have a culture of technical collaboration and skill sharing, where junior staff can learn and grow from the experience of senior staff. We also encourage all our staff to talk publicly about their work at conferences and online.

If you think you would be a good fit and would like to know more, then fill out the form below.