Your otherwise secure software is forced to include binary-only third-party libraries. You can’t get the source code. How can you ensure that your software is free of backdoors, safe to use, or meets regulatory standards? Even if you do have the source code, can you be sure the binary you have was built from the same source?

A deep investigation of binary software requires highly specialized knowledge and tooling. Even if your team has what it takes, the process is slow, hard to scale, and requires monumental effort after each new release or patch.

How we can help

Trail of Bits can automate your hard binary analysis problems. Our experts will work with you to diagnose and prioritize your concerns. We will then review available research, algorithms, and techniques to identify a solution that best fits your exact needs. Finally, we will build on our open-source tools such as Manticore and McSema to automate much of the required analysis, and simplify integration into your existing development and testing workflow.

We can help you automate binary analysis tasks such as:


  • An explanation of the core problem and our solution for an automated solution.
  • An analysis system built on the best available open source solutions.

Contact us with your binary analysis needs.