osquery allows an organization to treat its infrastructure as a database, turning operating system information into a format that can be queried using SQL-like statements. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular endpoint monitoring tools for company fleets.

As more companies have come to rely on osquery, a growing number of development needs have emerged: feature requests, bug fixes, and general maintenance. Some of these needs are too hard to implement without a team of full-time engineers, or must be completed sooner than the open source community can accommodate.


We bring deep expertise in the osquery codebase and the development practices of their team to remedy any issues your firm encounters, enhance osquery with the features you need, and get these features accepted back into the mainline osquery.

We offer custom engineering for every stage of software creation, from initial planning to enhancing the security of completed works. We will understand your problems, tailor solutions to remediate the gaps we find, and execute where our expertise is required.

At present, we are building custom osquery feature enhancements and modifications for clients in the government, defense, and technology industries.


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