Our core work

Global enterprises and institutions make better security decisions thanks to our research and development. But we don’t just put out papers. We apply a research lab mentality to produce foundational tools at the deepest levels of code. And we share what knowledge we can.

Publish novel research

As a company, we owe our existence to the pursuit of knowledge. Before we became Trail of Bits, we were academics and researchers, scientists, and engineers. Our team consumes, produces, and presents research as a natural part of doing business. We succeed because we behave like a lab. Some of our research includes:

Build foundational tools

During our research, we regularly encounter foundational gaps: missing capabilities, opportunities for improvement, potential vulnerabilities, and so on. We love those moments. They’re an opportunity to engineer tools that help our clients and peers to raise the bar.

Share our knowledge

We’re unusual for our consumption and production of research. Few go to the trouble. So, when we come across something that would improve the state of security, and it isn’t covered under an NDA, we share it.

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