Free Access Now: CTF Field Guide

Whether you’re ready to dominate the next Capture The Flag event, or just learn the ropes, this field guide will show you how it’s done.


Our research often results in the development of proprietary tools. We are in the process of productizing several of these tools for the benefit of enterprise clients.


Javelin shows you how modern attackers would approach and exploit your enterprise. By simulating real-time, real-world attack techniques, Javelin identifies which employees are most likely to be targets of spearphishing campaigns, uncovers security infrastructure weaknesses, and compares overall vulnerability against industry competitors. Javelin benchmarks the efficacy of defensive strategies, and provides customized recommendations for improving security and accelerating threat detection. Highly automated, low touch, and designed for easy adoption, Javelin will harden your existing security and information technology infrastructure. Javelin is currently in development, please contact us if you're interested in talking further.

iVerify: iOS Integrity Verification

The above video demonstrates an integrity validator for iOS devices that we have developed in our lab. Our software is able to reliably detect modifications to iOS devices, including malware and jailbreaks, without the use of signatures. We are currently in the process of productizing a suite of mobile device validation and integrity tools for use by enterprises. In mid 2013, we released an open-source version of iVerify capable of working on a limited subset of devices. To receive updates about iVerify and similar products, please signup for our mailing list.