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Empire Hacking

We launched Empire Hacking in May, 2015 to fill a gap in New York’s Infosec community. At the time, no regular, technical and curated meetup focused on pragmatic security research and new discoveries in attack and defense.

Since then, the event has attracted over 500 high-quality members. We’ve hosted excellent presentations, shared our aspirations and annoyances with our work, and made some new friends.

We believe the event owes its success to its founding principles:

  • Technical nature. We aim to bridge the gap between weekend projects and funded research. Product pitches are not allowed.
  • Engaging format. Attendees come to talk about subjects they find interesting, face to face, with a community of experts from across the industry.
  • Exclusive material. Talks are by invitation-only and regularly cover ongoing research and internal projects. We enforce the Chatham House Rule to preserve the balance between candor and discretion. We don’t want participants to worry that their personal thoughts will be relayed to outsiders, or used against them or their employers.
  • Membership-only. We require people to apply for membership for several reasons: to cultivate a tight-knit community built on trust, to elevate the quality of members’ contributions, and to exclude anyone who fails to treat his or her fellow members with respect and decency.

Each bimonthly meetup consists of short talks from 2-3 expert speakers, and runs from 6-9pm.

If you would like to attend a meetup, please apply on our page.