Knowledge Repository


Between New York City’s size and the wide spectrum of the security industry, it’s easy to feel lost. Professionals want to spend time with the communities and talks that will benefit them, not researching their options.

So, we put together a directory of all of the infosec gatherings, companies, and university programs in NYC that we know of at helps with:

  • Better promotion for the community. We believe that NYC’s infosec community deserves more recognition on the national and international stages. That will come as we engage with one another to generate more interesting work.
  • Breaks from routine. It’s easy to stay uptown or downtown, or only go to forensics or software security meetings. If practitioners don’t know what’s out there, they won’t know what they’re missing out on.
  • Spread new ideas. We want to help more people learn about topics that excite and inspire action.
  • Coax academics off campus. A lot of exciting research takes place in this city. We want researchers to find the groups that will be the most interested in their work. Conversely, industry professionals have much to learn from emerging academic innovations. We hope to bring them together.

Check out a new group this month. Find infosec events, companies, and universities in the city on