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Research & Development

Our applied research focuses on developing open-source tools that make it easier to understand and identify low-level software vulnerabilities. This has motivated our work in binary translation, fuzzing, symbolic execution, fault injection, compilers, and several other areas in program analysis and testing.

Our mission is to find better bugs, be better code reviewers, and engineer safer cryptography. We build prototypes and proofs of concept, and act as a testbed for the security tools of tomorrow. Security, we believe, is much better when policies and products originate from the conclusions of data-driven, scientific studies.

As such, we share our results and release our tools via our blog, Empire Hacking, and peer-reviewed conferences so that the security community, as a whole, can improve through collective knowledge and research. We’ve been fortunate to work with many dedicated and hard-working academic partners, and we’re always interested in forging new collaborations.

Research and Development