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Security Engineering

We regularly encounter foundational gaps due to our extensive customer work and research into low levels of security: missing capabilities, opportunities for improvement, and potential vulnerabilities. Our engineering team’s aim is to write code that is secure and build tools that our customers can trust to protect their organizations and data.

Trail of Bits Engineering is your support team for security projects. Our experts work with you to build custom tools and remediate system vulnerabilities to keep your software secure—from development to testing and throughout continuous deployment.

Security Engineering

Areas of Expertise

Custom Software Development

Your organization has decided to add new software to its portfolio, either for customers or for internal operations. However, you don’t have the time or dedicated resources, and you want certainty your final product is built on best practices in secure coding, has been thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities, and is hardened against known exploits.

Trail of Bits is your secure development partner. We have helped some of the world’s leading security software companies bring reliable products to market. We will review existing software architectures and provide recommendations or fixes, enhance feature sets or write new capabilities, and improve your security testing via Trail of Bits proprietary or custom-built tools.

Our engineers can help you with:

  • Research prototypes
  • Architecture design and review
  • Trusted component design
  • Secure development in C++, Python, Rust, and other languages
  • Secure development of embedded/IoT device firmware

Open Source Ecosystem Security

Open Source has eaten the software world, and security is no exception. We believe in improving the security of existing open source ecosystems and in developing new security tooling for emerging ecosystems.

Security and quality engineering standards are essential to the longevity of the Open Source ecosystem. The best security tools are the ones that improve developers’ lives, rather than adding friction or complexity to their workflows.

Our engineers can help you with:

  • Package management and supply chain security, including dependency auditing and build security;
  • Code signing and high-integrity deployment;
  • Static and dynamic analysis tool development and integration;
  • High-velocity open-source security and cryptography engineering in the C++, Go, Rust, and Python ecosystems;

Case studies:

Security Vulnerability Remediation

It’s not enough to test your software once. New releases are part of all software lifecycles, and new exploits are published every day. Our engineers are available to assist with:

Our engineers are available to assist with:

  • Post-security-assessment bug fixes
  • Redesigning and refactoring code for security

If we find a security vulnerability, we’ll work with you to fix it fast, then provide the information and know-how for you to achieve a hardened security posture.

Proactive Security:
Measuring, Mitigating, and Enhancing

Our engineers are bullish about improving security so incidents don’t occur. From hardening software before it’s deployed to adding security to your continuous integration (CI) process, our work mitigates the probability of show-stopping bugs impacting your company’s mission.

Some of our core work in the area of proactive security and planning includes:

  • Opting into available OS-level and compiler-level protections
  • Integrating libFuzzer fuzzing test cases into your codebase
  • Security Architecture and Design Reviews and risk assessment
  • Secure API design and implementation
  • Third-party software risk mitigation

DevOps/Operational Security

Application development has become an integral part of business operations, and DevOps teams are highly incentivized to deliver new applications fast. Security can’t be left out of the equation. Yet, many companies struggle to integrate security into DevOps workflows, even if it results in more secure software.

Rather than struggle to find the best processes, let Trail of Bits’ engineers work with your DevOps team to implement:

  • Effective key management
  • Correctly configured roles
  • Proper infrastructure controls

We’re experts in working alongside DevOps so we understand their processes and procedures, and our custom tools are built for seamless integration. Alleviate your interdepartmental struggles by allowing us to smooth the process while safeguarding against vulnerabilities.