Software Assurance

Our software assurance practice is designed to offer tailored assessments at any stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC), ensuring comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs. Our approach is grounded in leveraging the specialized services offered by our four primary areas of expertise: application security, blockchain, cryptography, and AI/ML. Each area provides distinct services that stand on their own for targeted assessments but also seamlessly integrate for multidisciplinary projects. This flexibility allows us to not only address specific challenges with focused expertise but also to assemble cross-functional teams that bring a holistic perspective to complex projects. Additionally, we sometimes augment our capabilities with insights from our Research and Development department, further enriching our assessments.

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Our Process

We prioritize a cohesive and collaborative approach. Every engagement, regardless of its scope, follows a structured process that emphasizes clear communication and aims for long-term impact, ensuring that we deliver assessments that are not only customized to your codebase but also aligned with your broader business objectives.

  • Technical onboarding discussion

    Our engineers—carefully chosen for their expertise relevant to your project—collaborate with your technical representatives to help ensure a smooth transition to the project. This session defines the project's scope, clarifies objectives, and actively engages all stakeholders to align both teams. We recommend including your project owner, technical stakeholders, and development team to cover all bases. To facilitate project readiness, our project manager also oversees the collection of critical artifacts such as any source code, credentials, and relevant documentation.

  • Project kickoff & weekly status reports

    Communication is key to our process during an engagement. We will set up a shared chat server to discuss the engagement. For example, a Slack shared channel, but we can accommodate several platforms. In this chat, experts from Trail of Bits will be available to answer questions as they arise from your engineers and vice versa. We also hold weekly syncs between your team and ours to provide status reports about our findings. For continuous and open communication, we use Slack or another preferred chat platform.

  • Final report and readout

    The engagement concludes with a final meeting where our engineers present a comprehensive report of our findings and the assessment recommendations and discuss strategic next steps to bolster your security posture. This final stage helps ensure that you have a clear understanding of how to move forward and improve your project's security.

  • Fix review

    After the assessment, clients who choose to implement our recommendations go through a fix review phase. We verify whether the applied fixes have addressed the initial issues without introducing new problems.

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Our deliverables

Our deliverables consist of detailed findings, complete with severity and difficulty scores, exploitation scenarios, and actionable recommendations. We also provide a codebase maturity evaluation where applicable and transfer all testing artifacts upon project completion. To further support your team, we include guidance on manual testing methods and static and dynamic testing techniques, as well as instructions on using the tools employed during our assessment. Additionally, we offer long-term recommendations and training to improve a system’s design and code earlier in the SDLC. An optional fix review appendix is also available.

Our services

We believe in the power of collaboration and the synthesis of knowledge across various fields to deliver unparalleled services to our clients. Our diverse company lines are not isolated silos of expertise. Instead, they represent a spectrum of capabilities that we seamlessly blend to meet the unique needs of each project.