AI/ML Security and Safety

We are committed to ensuring the security and robustness of AI/ML systems. Our services address the novel challenges of AI/ML and provide clients with the assurance they need in a rapidly advancing industry.

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AI/ML Services:

Security & Safety Training

We offer custom training solutions based on specific client needs. Our courses cover comprehensive security training for understanding and evaluating AI-based system risks, including AI failure modes, adversarial attacks, AI safety, data provenance, pipeline threats, and risk mitigation.

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ML-Ops and Pipeline Assessment

Our assessments address the entire AI/ML pipeline:

  • Software
  • ML architecture components (e.g., PyTorch)
  • CI/CD processes
  • Data provenance
  • Hardware stacks (e.g., GPUs)

Machine learning operations (MLOps) introduce novel attack vectors that differ from traditional software backdoors and vulnerabilities that impact ML-based systems and their operations. This service uncovers categories of vulnerabilities that can lead to ML-specific failure modes and degraded model performance or implicit and explicit access to and changes in data, model parameters, and the IP, increasing the system’s overall attack surface.

AI Risk Assessment

Our offerings include threat modeling, applying operational design domains, and analyzing scenarios to identify functional risks. We also assess existing risk frameworks associated with AI adoption.

Model Capabilities Evaluation

We help organizations measure and validate the capabilities of the AI models their systems employ (both first- and third-party). Specifically, we specialize in assessing models’ offensive and defensive cyber capabilities by benchmarking their performance against experts, state-of-the-art tools, and novices using AI/ML tools.
Our services are informed by our first-hand experience assessing cybersecurity threats posed by models (AI red teaming) and building automated, AI-based systems for detecting and patching software vulnerabilities (as part of DARPA’s AI Cyber Challenge). We help our customers integrate only the most effective AI tools into their internal software security processes.

Why we offer assessments and not audits

Unlike many firms that provide security audits, we offer security assessments. Standard audits follow a predefined checklist that limits the scope and capabilities, our assessments don't look to check boxes but discover the root causes of security weaknesses identified. This approach allows us to provide nuanced, actionable insights that do more than fix the immediate problems—they also enhance the system's overall resilience and security for the future. By focusing on the root causes and broader implications of security vulnerabilities, we empower our clients to not just respond to bugs but to develop stronger, more resilient software design, development, and coding practices.

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