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Ruby is vulnerable. Learn how to avoid introducing its vulnerabilities into your projects, and secure popular open source software built on the language.


Advanced technical training for security researchers, incident response handlers and exploit developers. Our hands-on workshops give your staff the skills to understand how modern attacks are developed and performed.

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Windows Browser Exploitation (“Assured Exploitation”) 2, 3 or 5 days Waiting List

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Assured Exploitation

Many security professionals have experience with stack overflows and heap spraying, but these techniques are rarely sufficient when applied to modern systems. Reliable exploitation on Vista and Windows 7 systems requires advanced techniques such as heap layout manipulation, return oriented programming and ASLR information leaks. This two-day intensive course focuses on teaching the principles behind these advanced techniques and will give the students hands-on experience with real-world exploits.

Assured Exploitation is delivered by the security research team at Trail of Bits.